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Maharashtra (which is the beginning) has spread its wing across and reaching states like Rajasthan, U.P, M.P, Bihar, Bengal and growing strong. Also we have a Akhil Bhartiya Bari Samaj established for sharing thoughts, people, information and running to bring all Bari community together under one roof.


In the year 1977, our Bari samaj got established at Mumbai under the guidance of  Mr.Panditrao Bandu Bari(phuse).

Few words from the founders desk: “I have great pleasure of hearing the news of starting the website of social activities by the Mumbai Vibhag Bari samaj Vikas Mandal.Perhaps it may be the first mandal which has taken this activity in Maharashtra. Having celebrated its silver jubliee in 2002, the mandal has achieved this goal of social service by observing all technical norms laid down in its constitution and that too with out any conflicts among the workers. Though the mandal has its vast jurisdictions outside the greater Mumbai, its worker have overcome the difficulties confronted them in conducting the social activities, right from its establishment in 1977. I wish the mandal very success for this new endeavor.” On 17th July, 1977 our Mumbai Bari samaj got established with the guidance of Mr. Ganpatrao Dhule and under the leadership of Mr.Panditrao Bari(Phuse).

During his tenure the committee members were:

President: Mr.Panditrao Bandu Bari(phuse)
Vice President: Mr.Pandit Ramaji bari
Secretary: Mr.Hiraman Ukhadrao Khanjodkar
Asst Secrearyt: Mr.Jagannath Khushal Tade
Treasurer: Mr.Budho Rajaram Wandole
Initially Bari samaj committee membersstarted its execution of work with gathering names and addresses of bari people located at Thane and kalyan area’s, during this time the total strength of members was 30 numbers.

On 11th September second meeting was held at Jondhale school where the members strength increased to 40members registration.
Simultaneously third and fourth meeting got the members strength increase to 50 & 60 respectively & is still continuing with the work to add more members to its list.Today we are 300 member families with 2,000 headcount.

The graph shows the increase in the strength of the members annually and will go strong year after year.

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First Annual general meeting was held on 25th March 1979 known as ‘Bari Melava’ at Gadge Maharaj School ,Kurla, Mumbai.

Senior samaj members in Mumbai

Mr.Sadashiv Lanje
Mr.Hiraman Barkaji Behre
Mr.Bhimrao Maruti Borkar
Mr.Dhonduji Lala Bunde
Mr.Panditrao Lala Bunde (All the above members have taken immense pain & struggle to develop this samaj and we are really proud of them all)
Mr.Ganpatrao Dhule (Nanasaheb) – Our Inspiration Always.
Mr.Panditrao Bandu Bari (Phuse) – Our founder president.Architect of our solid foundation and guiding force.

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